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Training for Horses

We use all-natural horsemanship in our training methods and can work with any breed to correct problems or create a respectable life long partner.  We are here to give the horse the love, respect, and develop a mutual understanding between humans and horses.  Whatever your need, colt starting, problem-solving, respect issues, or just need a trusty steed, please contact us to inquire how we can help you achieve your goals. We are a charity organization so all funds go back into helping special needs children, adults, and horses, and are also tax-deductible.




7 Day Refresher  $  425.00

30 Days                $  950.00

60 Days                $1,700.00

90 Days                $2,300.00

120 Days               $2,825.00

Hourly Training Rate is $75 per hour with 2 hour minimum.  


We Specialize in working with off the track race horses!

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