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Sponsor a Horse

We receive more rescue horses than we have resources to help all the horses on the Ranch.

We need your help on a monthly basis to get these horses the proper resources to help them through the rehabilitation process. 

Horses Receive
  • Food & Water

  • Shelter

  • Grooming & Foot Care

  • Veterinarian Care & Medicine

  • Equipment 

  • Training

You Receive
  • The knowledge that YOU stepped in to help save a horse's life

  • Meet & ride your sponsored horse

  • Updated newsletters & photos of your sponsored horse

  • All proceeds are tax-deductible 

How Does it Work?

Select a horse to sponsor and fill out the form below.
Receive photos, personal letters, and, gifts from your new friend.
Contribute monthly sponsorship amount.
Visit your new friend and take him/her out on a guided tour.

Sponsorship Plan

Sponsorship Tier #1

Sponsorship Tier #2

Sponsorship Tier #3

Full Sponsorship

- 1 guided ride per month

- T-Shirt


- 2 guided ride per month

- T-Shirt

- Hat

- 5x7 photo signed by your sponsored horse


- 3 guided ride per month

- T-Shirt

- Hat

- Customized Water Bottle

- 8x10 photo signed by your sponsored horse


- 4 guided ride per month

- T-Shirt

- Hat

- Customized Water Bottle

- Professional photoshoot with your sponsored horse



Mury came to us through an auction with extremely bad feet.  All four hooves had lime disease, wall seperation, splits, and long cracks, along with being extremely long.  After numerous months of nursing back the hooves she is now in special shoes on all four feet to continue protecting and bringing her feet back to normal.  She is really doing great and much happier now that she is here, on the ranch.


We received Acey shortly after she received major hip and back surgery due to a heavy rider. She has undergoing therapy and although she will never be the same she has a strong will to survive and has been doing great here at the ranch.  She is the watch horse if anything should be out of place or out of routine she will let everyone know about it.  As one of the smallest horses, she thinks she is the biggest, and if you tell her she doesn’t own the place, she won’t believe you.  We love you, Acey!


Lexi was abandoned by her owner here at the ranch, she had no riding training but has quickly taken to learning how to care for her rider.  She is the sweetest horse.  She tries so hard to please and gets along well with adults, kids, and other horses.  She has two front clubbed feet with one leg shorter than the other which requires special care and attention along with special front shoe requirements

Sponsorship Form

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