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Michael Fahnestock

Lead Instructor

Horses have always been my passion, as a young boy at 10 years of age I learned to care for my first horse, there was nothing else like it in the world!  Horses have taught me so much throughout the years and I have had the pleasure to give back while working and training with them, to gain mutual respect and a life long partnership.  All of my training involves the use of natural horsemanship methods, with a great amount of respect for these magnificent animals, which in turn earns a mutual respect, trust, and willingness, unparalleled by any other training method.  I would very much be interested in speaking with you to learn more about your horse and what I can do to help.


We at Fahnestock Ranch offer quality training for your horse, from problem solving, refresher courses, and colt starting to full training of wild horses that have never been touched, we take extreme pride in our abilities to transform these beautiful creatures into willing riding companions.  Horses are meant to be enjoyed, let us help you, to help them reach their full potential!

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