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Our Work



We are dedicated to finding all equine that are in need of rescue, from physical abuse, lack of care, and/or any other conditions that place the horse in jeopardy. We work with law enforcement, animal control, and other organizations to help find more horses in need of our service.



Each horse is placed on a custom rehabilitation schedule. Some horses are underweight and/or injured. When they become healthy, they are put on a training program based on their individual needs. During training, they learn to build relationships, respect, and confidence.



Horses are then posted on our website. The potential owners will visit the horse. We verify that the horse and the potential owner will be a good fit. After the horse leaves our facility we stay in contact with the new owner to verify that everything is okay during this transition.

Meet Ranger


Ranger was a black stallion who was found roaming the desert alone by a good samaritan.  He was in very poor condition, matted long mane, and tail, dull coat, underweight, he had trauma to his body. He appeared to have no training, being he was difficult to handle.

After a short stay at the county shelter, he was brought to our facility for rehabilitation, training, love, and care. 


Four months of feeding, vet care, training, and undergoing surgery, Ranger was a totally different horse. He covered his ribs and bones with a now shiny black coat, his energy and zest for life was remarkable.  He transformed into a beautiful riding horse capable of taking kids and adults anywhere on trail rides.


Ranger was ready for adoption and a lovely teenage girl and her mother fell in love with him at first sight. Ranger is now learning how to jump with his new family and he also takes them for rides around their large property and on-trail riding trips.

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