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In Memorial

Loved Ones We Have Recently Lost

Paco, you will be missed.  Your energy and zest for life has inspired us all.  You touched our hearts with your strength and willingness to fight, and although we looked forward to many more adventures together, life can seem cruel and alter our plans. Your spirit will continue to be with us and we will never forget you.  The pain and suffering is no more and you are now forever free.



Tammen, you will be missed.  Your kindness and giving nature inspired us all and will always be with us.  Your calm loving nature warmed our hearts and made us feel proud.  You were the solid rock for many when they needed a shoulder to cry on and we will always remember you.  You have lived a full life and we are so honored for the time you have given us.  We will cherish all the wonderful memories we shared and although we planned for many more adventures together  we know you are in a better place, there is no more pain and you are forever free.












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