We use all natural horsemanship in our training methods and can work with any breed to correct problems or create a respectable life long partner.  We are here to give the horse the love, respect, and develop the mutual understanding between human and horse.  Whatever your need, colt starting, problem solving, respect issues, or just need a trusty steed, please contact us to inquire how we can help you achieve your goals. We are a charity organization so all funds go back into helping special needs children, adults, and horses, and are also tax deductible.




7 Day Refresher  $   350.00

30 Days                $   775.00

60 Days                $1,350.00

90 Days                $1,900.00

120 Days              $2,400.00

Hourly Training Rate is $50 per hour with 2 hour minimum. 


We Specialize in working with off the track race horses!

Two Year old Luca First Saddeling with Bit, Bridal and Weight!