Donations Needed

Your Generous Support is 100% Tax Deductible!  Donations of various kinds go a long way!  Even the simplest, smallest items we will stretch to the fullest extent to aid in our cause of helping more horses and people in need.

We are in need of:

Horse Related Products and services

Corral Panels / Shelters

Tack / Bridals, Halters, Lead ropes, Saddles

Stall Mats, Stall Shavings, Water Buckets

Wormers, Medications, and Medical Supplies

Bandage Wrap, Gauze, first aid creams

Fly sprays, Fly Creams, Fly masks

Grooming brushes, combs, shampoo

Horse Blankets, Pads


We are in need of other items:

Picnic Tables / Outside seating / Benches

All Terrain Forklift

Automatic Waterers

Pasture and Stall Hay Feeders

Vinyl 3-Rail Horse Fencing

Concrete, Rock, other Hardscape Supplies

Shovels, Rakes, Forks, Garden Hoses





           Become a Friend of Fahnestock Ranch! 

For a small donation of only $15.00 per month you will make a huge difference in the life of a rescue horse by aiding in their care and well being.  You will receive our monthly newsletter "Life on the Ranch" with life changing stories, photos, and updates on the rescue horses you are involved in saving.  You will also receive occasional special pricing and discounts, on services, trail riding, clinics, and other promotional and fundraising events, all exclusives to being a Friend of Fahnestock Ranch

                                                 .......................  Donation Amount of $35 per month

 In addition to all above, receive a family fun day at the ranch once per month to mingle, treat, and play with the horses.

                                                ........................  Donation Amount of $55 per month

In addition to all above, receive a one hour guided trail ride once per month given by your favorite rescue horse.  You will also receive a framed 5x7 photo of you and the horse clearly acknowledging you as an important figure in their life.


                                                 ....................... Donation Amount of $75 per month

In addition to all above, receive a one hour guided trail ride once per month for you and a guest given by your favorite rescue horses.  You will also receive a framed 8x10 photo of you and your horse clearly acknowledging you as an important figure in their life.


  Become a Friend of Fahnestock Ranch Today!

Join our family in this much needed cause to prevent cruelty and give a much needed relaxed, and caring environment to these animals that truely deserve it. Please contact us with your e-mail address and the monthly donation option of your choice so that together we can make a difference in the lives of as many horses as possible.




    Sponsor  One  of  Our  Many  Rescue Horses,  they  need  your  help!




There are numerous horses in need and we do our best to take in as many as we can and work hard to give them a new and fresh start.


Full Sponsorship of $400 per month covers the horses basic monthly expenses:  Hay, supplements, wormer, feet care, shots, and veterinary care. 


Any amount donated greatly increases our chances to help more horses. 

1/4 Sponsorship $100 per month

1/2 Sponsorship $200 per month

3/4 Sponsorship $300 per month

Full Sponsorship $400 per month


We receive rescue horses from many different areas, some are dropped off with us no questions asked.  Others we rescue from auctions or other locations.  Many horses have been given up on due to health or behavior issues and in many cases both.  Many of them also have been neglected and abused.  We bid up the prices at auction  to discourage any kill buyers or other buyers with bad intent.  The horses are quarantined for 10 days.  During this period they receive any necessary health and feet care, they are evaluated and put on a specific diet, and if healthy enough they are started on a specific training program.  After 30 days they are used within our program as a theuraputic or a trail riding companion until they are adopted into their new forever caring homes.




We received Acey shortly after she received major hip and back surgery due to a heavy rider. She has undergoing therapy and although she will never be the same she has a strong will to survive and has been doing great here at the ranch.  She is the watch horse, if anything should be out of place or out of routine she will let everyone know about it.  As one of the smallest horses, she thinks she is the biggest, and if you tell her she doesn’t own the place, she won’t believe you.  We love you Acey!


Sponsor Needed



Lexi was abandoned by her owner here at the ranch, she had no riding training, but has quickly taken to learning how to care for her rider.  She is the sweetest horse.  She tries so hard to please and gets along well with adults, kids and other horses.  She has two front clubbed feet with one leg shorter then the other which requires special care and attention along with special front shoe requirements.      


Sponsor Needed





Mury came to us through an auction with extremely bad feet.  All four hooves had lime disease, wall seperation, splits, and long cracks, along with being extremely long.  After numerous months of nursing back the hooves she is now in special shoes on all four feet to continue protecting and bringing her feet back to normal.  She is really doing great and much happier now that she is here, on the ranch.


Sponsor Needed